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The Cooper Temple Clause - For The Last Time

I cant see you anymore
The tears have blocked my view
I think its best that I dont see
Instead Ill keep the memory
Of you smiling back at me

My love

I cant believe this day has come
We have lost and they have won
We wont complete what weve begun
Its vanished like the setting sun
But it wont be back to comfort us
To keep us warm when weve had enough
All thats left for me to say
Im sorry that it had to end this way

Its over
Its over

Just turn around and face the world (Its over)
Playing, walking, take a soul
This was your decision, your mistake (Its over)
Our love was never yours to take (Its over)
Its time to say goodbye
How I wish that I would die (Its over)
You had something special, someone true
Someone who really loved you

Its over
Its over

You used to lie in the dark
You picked me up from the start
And now Im lost without you
Nothing changes day after day
I hope that this is just a phase
That I will come through

Its time to walk yourself home
For its time

Its over

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